When You Help Those Who Have Nothing....

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July 31, 2008 8:37pm CST
Our school just conducted the second phase of love offering to parking area attendants and street children of the city. We packed assorted grocery items consisting of 3 kilos of rice, canned goods, a kilo of sugar, a pack of milk, a pack of coffee and some noodles. The beneficiaries of our charitable work were indeed some of the poorest of the poor--or those who literally have nothing that is why they toil the whole day for survival. When you help those who have nothing, the feeling is pure joy and fulfillment especially that what you give is truly appreciated (clearly manifested in the huge smiles on their faces). Our school maybe not known in the map of colleges or universities because it's just a small school, but the desire and effort of the school administration and staff to reach out and extend our hands to the needy with just the meager income we have, is truly admirable and inspiring. What are your experiences in helping others? Happy posting!
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1 Aug 08
How's that saying go? "I've cried because I didn't have shoes until the day I saw a man without his feet!" No matter how little I have, I always try to remember there's someone out there who is worse off than I am... I've worked in few "soup kitchens" in the city, once I donated $3.75 to one of the charity, that would feed one homeless or hungry child for the night... At Wendy's, fast food place, they have $1 menu from which you can get cheese burger, samll soda & french fries for $3 (plus tax)... If I can have an impact on one person's life, I would... Not for the glory or thank yous, but for the satisfaction of seeing someone smile & knowing that I'm the one who helped put it there... Once I was on my way to casino with bunch of friends of mine & I had $20 in quarters, for slot machines... About a block away from this casino hotel we were going to, I ran into a street person who had sign around her neck that read, "will work for food"... I thought, "Casino owners won't miss my $20 bucks but this person will have 3 meals, ok small ones at that but still, with $20 bucks I have in my pocket & from the looks of it, that's more than she had for last 2 days... I told my friends to go ahead & I'd catch up... Then I brought her into a small sandwich shop & bought her a sandwich for $6.29... Then gave her the rest of the $20 & told her not to waste it on something stupid... She gave me a small smirk & turned around & walked away... Half way down the block, she turned back & gave me a friendly wave good bye... This whole time, she didn't talk at all... I don't know what her story was & I don't even know if she bought food with the rest of the money I gave her... But for some reason, I get the feeling that for that one evening, she didn't go to sleep hungry... You can't buy feelings you get from helping others, suddenly not for $20 bucks...
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