I need a small group Lughnasadh ritual....

Dayton, Ohio
July 31, 2008 10:57pm CST
Ok, here's my problem, I need a small group Lughnasadh ritual for Friday (8/1/2008) evening. We have a group of maybe 5 (maybe only 4) adults and 3 children doing the ritual. Anyone have a good website with a good ritual for a small group like that?
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1 Aug 08
Hi DarkDancer. We have only five adults in our coven and we follow the Norse path, there are many books on small rituals so it may be helpful. Really it don't matter how many people there as long as you celebrate the sabath and have fun, I shall be holding the Ritual as I'm their High Priestess. Hve fun. Tamara
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• Dayton, Ohio
1 Aug 08
Thanks Tamara, I'll look into that....
@littleowl (7157)
2 Aug 08
Hi DarkDancer I have never thought of looking on here for rituals so this time am unable to help but hope someone can give you a good site I might have a look too sometimes I get stuck for one or two of the Rituals..Blessed Be littleowl
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