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August 1, 2008 12:10am CST
Okay,so when summer is over im going to be a freshmen, I know that means everyone is going to be new, but my situation is a little different. I am going to a school in a different city than I live in, and all the kids will probably know each other and fromed cliques but I don't want to be a loner nor do I want to force myself into a clique and have them tlk about me behind my back. Also I want to keep grades upso i can get into another school which is more prestigious. So my idea was to keep my head in the books but then again I want to be popular( who are we trying to kid a social life in high school is a nessecity)and go to parties. I am young and want to look back and have some wild(but not to wild) memories, so I can be like been there, done that, over it. take any good advice on choosing beauty social or brains situation) so lets hear your take on being new in highschool people.
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• Philippines
1 Aug 08
Hi.. I can relate with you.. I studied elementary in my province then I moved to the city when was in high school. There's really something different because I was from the province.. But I made new friends in my first day. I had really good classmates. I just spent time with them. But the moment I went home, I would open my notes and books. After the first grading period, I ranked 5th in the class. I had some classmates who didnt like me because they didnt think I deserved it. They were the ones who were popular in school because they were pretty and good dancers.. 2 of them were intelligent too. I was actually bullied by them. They would kick my seat while I was writing, they would laugh when I mispronounced words (because Im from province). but because I didnt want to be laughed at, I really worked hard on it. And whenever they needed something from me, I would still help them. Whenever they kicked my seat, I would smile back at them until such time that they became my friends, and I became part of their group. And until now, we are still friends. so if there would be people who would bully you, dont fight back, stay good to them. Afterwards they will realize how good you are, they will be your friends too.. but you need to balance social life and studies. It's okay to go out with friends, but dont forget to study when you are at home. That's what I did. And I tell you, I graduated with flying colors.. Good luck to you and have a nice day.
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1 Aug 08
I'm going to a new school to! away from where i used to live. But I've moved a lot and have gotten used to it. just fallow these rules:1:Be chill if your nervous just don't think to hard. 2:They could probably give a rats but(they killed my saying) about you for the first little while. make them know the good not the bad. 3:Meet people in your classes because people usualy know other people and when you meet other people you'll just know know more people 4:figure peoples role in the school example- geek, popular kids, gossips, ladies man, and others. use these to your advantage to meet more people. I always like to be the information the upper class gossip=D meaning ilike to know whats happening when or what happened as soon as it happened. but i dont blabber like a gossip if you come to me i tell the info.