What Is the Biggest Holiday Where You Live?

United States
August 1, 2008 12:12am CST
I would have to say that the biggest holiday where I live is probably Christmas, and I would say that this is (arguably) the biggest holiday in the United States. In its secular form, the Christmas season officially begins in late November with the "Day After Thanksgiving Sale", although seasonal Christmas items appear in many stores around October (and sometimes even earlier). Christmas music and television specials (sacred and secular) become prominent on radio and television after the Thanksgiving holiday and run through New Year's Day. The sacred "Christmas season" does not officially begin until December 25, although many see the season of Advent as a season of preparation for Christmas and tie the two seasons together. The festival celebration usually involves presents and a holiday meal. What is the biggest holiday where you live? And how is this holiday traditionally celebrated?
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@monaliu (344)
2 Aug 08
In China,the biggest holiday is new year's day.We will have the long holiday from the first day of the year till seven days later. All the people will try their best to come back home and share the holiday with their family. During these days.We will say good words to everyone we meet,we will make our mind to give up some bad habits,we will plan how to reach some new goals in next new year... Of course, we would like do shopping in these days,we would like put on new clothes,prepare our dinner... By the way, children always receive some money from old one.Like your gift... Totally in one sentence ' everyone in China enjoy new year's day very much.'
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@alena824 (376)
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
Definitely Christmas. You see, Christmas here in the Philippines starts as soon as the BER months kick in, so that's as early as September. Malls begin playing Christmas carols and people (even with so little resources) start to get into the spirit of things. Once December actually rolls in, there are parties left and right, gift giving and reunions that Filipinos so look forward too.
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• Indonesia
1 Aug 08
The biggest holiday in Indonesia, where i live now, is probably Ied Mubarak/Iedl Fitri/Lebaran. Being the world's biggest muslim populated country, the celebration after the end of the fasting month is indeed very big. The one-week (sometimes more) mass holiday, the celebration, and of course the food!! Whenever the day is coming nearer, there will be quite a bunch of people selling raw material for making 'ketupat' (a parallelogram/rhombus shape made from a kind of bamboo leaves and filled with rice grain, and then steamed) And of course, as soon as the fasting month (Ramadhan) starts, every mall and restaurant and supermarket will be playing Ramadhan music. And also lots of television special. The muslim, of course, celebrate it by first do the mass prayer in the mosque. And then came home and ask for forgiveness from people all around them (family, colleague, etc). Us, the non muslim, will just wait at home, waiting for our neighbour to visit us and bring the food hehhe... It's a custom here that the muslim will visit their neigbour (muslim or non muslim) and bring some food (ketupat and its condiment). The food brought can be your staple food for the holiday week because, with the holiday and the nature of Ied Mubarak (for the muslim to come home to ask forgiveness), many stores (including restaurants) will be closed because the workers will be going home.