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@abhaijith (2962)
August 1, 2008 1:37am CST
"Dream is what you are seeing during sleeping,It is what never let you sleep"-Abdhul Kalam.what you think?Is it right?
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@LimoChang (193)
• China
1 Aug 08
Profound remarks,actually.I think it can be interpreted in two ways. First,it's dreams that inspire us to work hard and pay our efforts.Those who have dreams will never really stop to rest until they reach their goals. Or,having too much dreams will disturb your mind,that's what makes you restless.So always be content.
@sivanj (1263)
• India
1 Aug 08
Thats not what abdul kalam meant. according to abdul kalam, everybody should dream of achieving and they will have to dream such that the interest in that dream (interest to achieve that dream should not allow you to sleep. this is what makes great personalities. so if people start dreaming like that then their country will flourish and grow to greater levels.
• China
1 Aug 08
I think my answer did include the meaning that you mentioned.Thx for clarifying.