How many times you check your luggage?

August 1, 2008 6:41am CST
It is common for people, while in travel, train or bus, to check their belongings quite often. It is of course a good security measure. But in the process, many times people fail to enjoy the travel, the main purpose, keeping the safety of their luggage always in mind!
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@maximax8 (28925)
• United Kingdom
4 Aug 08
How many times I check my luggage depends on which country I am in and which position my luggage is in. If my backpack has been put on them roof I can only hope for the best. If my luggage is at the end of a train carriage I look over to it every so often. If my backpack is in the luggage compartment of a coach I make sure it goes inside and get it as soon as the baggage is unloaded. When I was on a overnight bus service in Australia all the luggage fell out on the the highway and one passenger that was awake alerted the driver. He drove back to get it. I travel for enjoyment and if in a dangerous place I hide my money in five different places and keep valuables like my camera in my handbag which I keep hold of at all times.
1 Aug 08
I think that unless you watch the luggage constantly, then watching it at all is a waste of time! On a 5 hour train ride, you may check your luggage every 20 minutes for ten seconds a time, so during the whole journey you have actually only kept an eye on your luggage for 150 seconds! The chances then, of you actually seeing something happen and being able to protect your luggage are approximately 1 in 120, or around .8%!! Alternatively, shortly before each stop, get up and guard your luggage until the train has made the stop!