very sad news

@Tasche (138)
August 1, 2008 7:06am CST
In Germany In a Zoo last days a little Monkey girl drowned. I was very sad as I heard the news but also wondered - drowned ? How can that happen ? A Visitor threw against all restriction a piece of Bred inside the Monkey cage and that dropped into the water. The cage is surrounded by water as a natural fence. The Monkey tried to reach the Bred and finally drowned. It was a little Orang-Utan. Did you know that mankind Monkeys are not able to swim ? How would somebody build a cage like this and take the risk that something sad may happen ? What do you think about the Visitor ? I would like to hear your opinions.
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@lixiaos77 (1030)
• Shijiazhuang, China
1 Aug 08
Actually monkey can swim. But it is not good at it. Perhaps the water is cold and the little monkey lost energy after it search for the bred for a long time. Most of zoos in our country prohibit visitor offer food to animous, which will help them gain weight and do harm to their health.
@Tasche (138)
• Ethiopia
1 Aug 08
They act more responsible, thanks for your comment.
@Sheepie (3118)
• United States
23 Oct 08
Aw, how awful! Baby orangutans are so cute, even cuter than human babies! Well, I guess these things just happen, older monkeys have the instinct to stay away from water, I believe.