I hate NEMT

@yingui (74)
August 1, 2008 8:15am CST
In china ,if you want to enter university ,you must take a test called Gaokao.It is not easy to pass ,of course .Not least of all some provinces .What you have acquired will not be given opportunity to justify how good it is .Four exams will determine your happiness and even the left part of your life .So it is rather random. Someone compare it to a bridge .Thousands of people rush to pass it .Some succeed ,some failed .It is more a battle than a test .People who failed would lose some valuable opportunities at the same time .Unfair but helpless . Many splendid students sre deprived of many opportunities just as a result of defsults in the test .It is a waste of elitists. The test is unfair in itself. Many processes are carelessly taken .It is really a mass .
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