Do you have a plan or play it as it comes?

August 1, 2008 8:25am CST
You hear a siren as your driving ,not certain which it is yet police,ambulance or fire vehicle .Do you check your rear vision mirror to see if you can see which it is and where it is before decieding your plan of action.Do you panic,slow down,speed up,change lanes or just wait and let them do the passing .How do you handle situations involving these three important community services?
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• China
1 Aug 08
yes, i have a plan and it became a habit.i got the driver license three years ago but i seldom drove the car since i just bought a car three days ago. actully i don't meet this situation urgently, so i just treatted it in my habit what ever it's police or ambulance or fire vehicle, slowing down and give the way for their through. i have a strong idea, if you didn't make mistake, you needn't to fear them. keep your way comply with the law, don't hurry and don't worry, it's important to keep your calmness when you driving. maybe i can give other comments when i drove 5,000Km. wish i have a smooth way.