hey, is there anyone who knows how to go to DLSU canlubang or letran calamba?

August 1, 2008 8:42am CST
hi! you may not know me but that's really not the case. iam a 4th year highschool student and lives in laguna, particularly in pacita, who would like to take an entrance exam in DLSU canlubang or letran calamba. i asked my family on how to get there, but they didn't know where the hell they are located. i tried asking my friends but they're the same. i even asked my oblivious teachers but they're to forgetful of where the 2 schools are located. so in short, iam hopeless. so please, if anyone knows how to get to DLSU canlubang or letran calamba, pls. tell me so that i wouldn't be miserable anymore. thanks in advance!
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