do you make your own ice cream??

United States
August 1, 2008 1:20pm CST
how do you make it and is it easy to do?? what do i need to make my own ice cream?? i would love to make some of my own and think that it would be fun i just want to know how to do it.
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@steeleIC (107)
• United States
3 Aug 08
I have actually made my own homemade ice cream before. It was several years ago but it turned out really nice. I just mixed milk, heavy whipping cream, sugar, vanilla, and crushed oreos and froze it in my freezer. It turned out to be some really yummy cookies n cream ice cream. I learned how to make it in my Home Ec class in high school. It was a very simple recipe and now that you've mentioned it I am going to have to find it again and make some for my kids!
• Philippines
3 Aug 08
ive tried one already and i love it!!! and im wishing i could make one again if only i have the money..i have one recipe for'll just need all purpose cream,cookies and condensed milk..just mix those stuff then freeze it..then you have a home made ice cream!!!
• India
2 Aug 08
Hi friend, I don't know how to make icecreams.But my grandma knows how to make it.She knows only to make vanilla and not the other flavours.I have to learn from her. Have a nice day.
@o2bnocn (2895)
• United States
1 Aug 08
I have only made it once in school. It was near the end of the school year and we just did it for fun. I am not even sure if I even helped out with it. We all made something different that day. I do think you would need some milk and ice. You could probably look for recipes online. I am sure you could find some.
@Ina926 (172)
• United States
1 Aug 08
If you go to the wal-mart or any store that sells icecream makers, you will find the rock salt that gors on top of the icecream maker. If you icecream maker is electric I don't think you need the rock salt but, if it's manual, you do need it and Ice. They also sell the the icecream flavors in little pouches. If you want something homemade, all you have to do is a web search for homemade icecream recipes.