What have you gotten or done that come form craigslist?

@keasling (724)
United States
August 1, 2008 4:08pm CST
My husband and I have gotten some great stuff off of craigslist. I have gotten a free dishwasher actually working! a king size bed, used but in good shape, countless of pets and now we have taken in someone who was kicked out because she became pregnant. I have found that if I take time searching for what I need I usually can find it there for really cheap. What is the best thing you have gotten???
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@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
28 Jan 09
H[i]i keasling, wow..that's great! I just found out that lately but didn't purchased yet anything from there.. I stay there to find job and still waiting! LOL![/i]
@pythia7 (139)
• United States
26 Aug 08
My daughter has got a job through Craigslist. I have sold many things through craigslist and I have also given a lot of stuff away, I think it's great
• United States
22 Aug 08
Hmmm, let's see... When my hubby and I bought our house, we moved from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 2400 sq ft home... so I needed some things! LOL. I ended up with a sleeper sofa for my living room for about $70 (delivered), a freezer for our garage for $30 (delivered), two kitchen tables for $20 each (one went into my sewing room for a work table), and a chair that matched one I already had for $25. (those three we picked up with the moving van). I also managed to sell the two non-working slot machines that came with the house on craigslist. That was fantastic, since I knew nothing about them. Best thing I ever got from craigslist? The friendly people I met. Honestly... the fact that everyone I've dealt with was so friendly and helpful far outweighs any of the items I bought or sold! Happy craigslisting, folks!
@sameroad (3180)
• United States
1 Aug 08
I haven't gotten anything from craigslist but i have heard a lot about it and that you can find stuff on there for 100% free. I think thats really cool! I've thought about trying to sell some stuff on there but i'm not really sure how to go about it and i haven't taken the time yet to look around the site to get an idea of how it all works.