What do you do when its getting late in life and you find yourself unemployable?

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August 1, 2008 4:43pm CST
My husband has done the same type of work for over 30 yrs. He decided to help start a new company about 5 yrs ago. He stuck with this man through the rough times and watched the company grow. He was the highest paid employee in the company, and had just earned the company a profit of 350k in just under 5 weeks. He put everything he had into this company with the promise from the owner that as the company grew so would his salary and his future was always secure. 2 yrs ago the doctor told my husband he would have to have back surgery. My husband kept putting it off so that he could take care of business. After two yrs, he was addicted to pain pills and the degeneration in his spine was so bad that the dr told him that if he didn't have the surgery he could be paralyzed. After my husband finished up the major job in Atlanta that brought in that 350k PROFIT, he came home, and told his boss that he had no choice but to have the surgery. One week later they fired him. Now, here we sit. I have been a stay at home mom for 14 years. No experience or education in anything. My husband is 59 yrs old with a really bad back and virtually unemployable. We have bills that his paycheck was able to cover, however, now we are faced with 1/3 the income we had, our savings is dwindling fast, and we just don't know what we are gonna do. If any of you out there know of a place where you can do work on the internet or at home without experience and its not a rip off, or doesn't cost you 200.00 just to get your foot in the door, will you please post a response. I have prayed, cried, and looked for work. I do not know how to support my family. I am scared and desperate, and even if all you have for me are words of encouragement or kindness, it would be so very much appreciated.
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@rvkoch77 (10)
• United States
2 Aug 08
I really know how you feel. I have been there, although the circumstances a little different. Your husband needs to contact social security for disability benefits. The fact that he is 59 and is unable to work should quilify him. It is a lenghty process...some states are faster than others. Know that God is faithful and will take care of His children. I will keep you in my prayers.
• United States
1 Aug 08
I wish I had something to offer you other than words of encouragement. I hope your husband is fighting the firing with fair labor. I think you can do that. Please check it out. Did he ever get anything in writhing about the promises. My husband left just over ten years ago after we sold our house and took all the money. I was virtually homeless except for my dads basement for me and my two children. It has been a long fight and I am in so much debt I get sick to think about it. At fifty two I have enrolled in College. I am really going to try here. It wont be easy but I have to do something. I will say prayers for you.
• Philippines
1 Aug 08
HI. Don't be depressed because what you're facing right now are just challenges. I have felt depression and I confined myself into a room for days-- same reason-- financial problem! BUt still it won't do me any good if I cry there for days. So maybe you could browse on the computer for legit jobs. I know we have many lyLot friends who could help you with that... Keep smiling and think of your family and you'll be inspired...