how frequently do you visit mylot?

@crazy286 (269)
August 2, 2008 6:31am CST
i am online on mylot on all days of the week and post my discussions and respond to the discussions of others. whenever i am on my computer i am online on all my chat machines and on mylot. so, i am mostly on mylot always. even though i am not posting too much everytime, i dont close the mylot window on my computer. how frequent are you/
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• Philippines
22 Oct 08
hi crazy! I try to visit myLot Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm. sometimes i dont post that often but mylot is still open. on weekends i just stay home and right now i still dont have internet connection. but when i get my connection i'll be online mon - sunday ;D :D take care. keep on posting
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
Hi there crazy286! I am online mostly in the evening. Well, at least since June to the present. In the past, I would stay online the whole day. Since I work practically the whole day, the only time that I can get into myLot would be in the evening. More often than not, late in the evening. During the weekends, I spend a little more time online.
• Indonesia
2 Aug 08
i am not too frequent visit mylot. May be some couple month I did not visit my lot until now. I think , I can get new friend in my lot, so I back. I can speak English with my friend, and I can know more , the last news in this world and sharing about it. It's cool...
• India
2 Aug 08
I am almost all times online. Because i use my mobile for browsing. I don't have internet at home. So i have to flick my fingers on mobile all times. So that i can't participate in all discussion, due to insufficient internet speed. Keep in touch. Thanks.
@union6 (326)
2 Aug 08
i usaly try to make it on here atleast once a day, although my posting count varies from day to day, some days i just like to read the discusions and not reply but others all i do is reply lol