Do you belive that human came from monkeys?

August 2, 2008 9:53am CST
For me, I do not. I still believe that human came from God created in His own image. It's the monkeys who mirrored human features not man.
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@Jhordie (5115)
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
If I will believe that theory, THERE SHOULD BE NO MORE MONKEYS NOWADAYS and all should have turned into HUMAN BEINGS! Thats all I can say... :)
• United States
2 Aug 08
My boyfriend the other day was watching tv and there was this country that ate monkey and he said when they pulled all the hair from its hands he was freaked out by how humanlike it looked. Anyway, I do believe in evolution but more so in the ancient 'astronaut' theory that we humans were boosted in some way where our evolution rate was accelerated in some way
@deem1977 (242)
• United States
3 Aug 08
If you are talking about the theory of evolution, then yes, I believe in the theory of evolution. However, the theory of evolution does not state that humans evolved from monkeys. I think the closest that evolution comes to something like that is when it postulates that perhaps humans and monkeys had a common ancestor. In other words, a simpler organism from which monkeys and humans diverged -- each taking a separate path. I don't think that evolution really conflicts with biblical theories of creation because creation in the bible goes from the simpler to the more complex, with man coming last. I think the reference to a "day" does not refer to a single 24 hour period, but instead to an era -- such as when we hear reference to "the day of the dinosaur". But different strokes for different strokes as they say.
@abhaijith (2962)
• India
2 Aug 08
I do believe in it.Friend, its not like myths or misbelieves.Its a fact that scientifically proved.