please please frriends i need urgent help

August 2, 2008 11:46am CST
hi friends i need help. i make a problem for me. i can't get rid of it. i had physical relation with a girl but i do not want it. its just a mistake. i do not know how i did this. after that i feel very guilty. i done a wrong thing. i do loved this girl i loved someone else. i can't sleep a night after that. its seems i make a big crime. please friends help me, how i get rid of it. please please
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6 Aug 08
There is not much you can do unfortunately - what is done is done and you just have to move on from it! Good luck
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2 Aug 08
you cannot undo what you've already done. so now you must at least be good to her, let her know you care but you did a stupid thing for which you truly apologize for. you know now that it was wrong and you apologize for hurting her and thinking more clearly before you acted. and do what you can to help her know you care. but she will be hurt there's no getting around it. be a gentlemen and be kind to her. allow her to cry or scream.
@nanciem (1106)
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2 Aug 08
Ok... not sure what you are saying here... is this a confession to an actual crime?