my sister dont want to open the door by herself...

@raclie (1732)
August 2, 2008 12:06pm CST
grrrr.... do your family members, even if they have a key to the house, always call out.... open!!! and the key will still be in her pocket!!!! oooo.... that is really annoying me.... my sister does that.... and she will sometimes, well, most of the time, forget to bring it in the first place.... what will be really funny though... is when everyone in the house is all out... and her key is inside!!!! i remember, forgetting to bring it... and having to call my parents when they were out.... i ended waiting for them for about half an hour.... so now.... i bring the key, just in case.... but i leave it inside my bag while i push the door open and call for them to open the gate!!! think, that is a better idea huh? i know it is really inconvienent to my family members, but i just love to see my family running to greet me!!! i am just so glad to be home!!! how about you? do you do that?
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21 Oct 09
Actually, it drives me crazy when people just walk into the house. I prefer that people pick up the phone first, call me, and ask if I am busy, or not. I will be honest, and let them know if I am either available to visit, or if I am on my way out to do something else, or if I'm still at home, but working.