Radioactive waters

United States
August 2, 2008 6:55pm CST
i dont know how many have seen the news when it said that a nuclear reactor was leaking, but i think it might be interesting to see if any animals turn out different. do you think that the life in the sea will be harmed? although the news and US government said it was a small bit, i cant really see how they would be able to know for sure since the vessel was leaking for a while. and although their tests came back with it being very small amount whos to say that the current didn't have something to do with it. who is to say that what leaked into the ocean wont have more dire results when the sea life comes around and we find the fish cant be eatten because of it. I know that Japan is a very small island and that with the vessel being docked there as well as Hawaii (which is where i am from) who to say what has happened wont drive the fish into some other area or that they will become contaminated? just a few questions. what are your thoughts on the vessel leak?
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