which is the best SCIENTIST or PYSCHOLOGIST??

August 3, 2008 2:50am CST
in there way of intelligence and narrow thinking? which is the best?? and mave many achivements??
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@wendhieRN (754)
• United States
3 Aug 08
For me, I think one of the best Psychologist is Abraham Maslow. He is known for his conceptualization of a "hierarchy of human needs" and has been said to be the father of humanistic psychology. His fundamental contribution on putting human needs in a hierarchy has given him a lot of rewards and recognition. He contended that humans have a lot of needs that are instinctoid, that is, innate and even postulated in arranging these needs chronologically according to their potency and in such a way that one is necessary for the other. Abraham Maslow has just a great mind to realize as basic yet fundamental as this.
• Philippines
4 Aug 08
ahmm its better idea also,, from where country are you??