August 3

August 3, 2008 4:14am CST
Sometimes it seems like all i ever do is lie. My mom thinks i’m repressing my feelings about this.i say to her,‘No,Mom, i'm not.i think it's really neat.As long as you're happy,i'm happy.' Mom says,'i don't think you're being honest with me.' Then she hands me this book,She tells me she wants me to write down my feelings in this book,since,she says,i obviously don't feel i can talk about them with her. she wants me to write dowm my feelings?OK,I'llwrite down me feelings: I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S DOING THIS TO ME! Like everybody doesn't already think i'm a freak.i'm practically the biggest freak in the entire school.i mean,let's face it:i'm five foot nine,flat-chested,and a freshman.How much more of a freak could i be? If people at school find out about this,i'm dead.That's it.Dead. Oh,god,if you really to exist,please don't let them find out about this . There are four million people in Manhattan,right?That makes about teo million of them gus.So out of TWO MILLION guys,she has to go out with Mr Gianini.She can't go out with some guy i don't know .she can't go out with some guy she met at d'agostino's or whereever.Oh, no. She has to go out with my Algebra teacher.
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4 Aug 08
Jessica, Seems that you cannot accept who you are. Your mother is just worried about you and want the best for you. Although I never met you, I do nor believe that you are a freak. Do not listen to much about negative thing that people talk about you. Just look inside you and find the positive thing that you have in life, and be thankful for them. You are special at least to your mother. You can ask her about it and I bet she will say that you're her special daughter. Let me share you my personal feeling: If the photo that you post in myLot is really you, I can say that you are such a cute and pretty girl :).
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