Wow.. I feel really cool mylotting today!! The music keeps me going!

@iskayz (5422)
August 3, 2008 6:19am CST
Hi everyone! I am really having a good time at the moment because of the music. This is the first time that I have music on while mylotting and its really kinda cool . Before I use to think that with music on I won't be able to concentrate much but I was wrong. Surprisingly the music doesn't disrupts my thinking. Besides you can pick some good ideas or topics to share from the lyrics of the songs. But this is really cool for me. I sing while I post and respond and having a cool time. I think I'm going to this everyday. How about you guys! Can you concentrate while listening to music?
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@union6 (326)
3 Aug 08
yea i always have my music on while i use mylot, it realy does help to block out any distractions and also keeps you entertaind while looking for discusions to reply to.
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@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
3 Aug 08
Yes thats one thing I have noticed. I don't get bored while searching for topics to respond to. Before I get easily pissed off and feel tired if I can't find interesting topics and its like I've been searching for hours already. But now I don't seem to notice how long I've been searching lol . Thanks for sharing!
@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
3 Aug 08
Carry on iskayz, it looks like am equally in the mood, going by how many posts I have made in just one hour now!