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August 3, 2008 8:58am CST
First I would like everybody to know that I'm from the philippines and there are no clear ordinances here about animals and if we do it is always violated. I saw a group of teenagers with a steel bat killing cats by hitting them. they light candles in the middle of the street and all the dead cats (about 5 cats) are dumped near the candles.
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• Philippines
3 Aug 08
i am from the philippines too and it is a common thing to see what you just stated here. the thing is i am having problems with the stray cats here. often times our viand and other food left on the table are eaten by them and you know how hard it is in or economic times here in our country and to be honest i really hate cats and i mean really hate them.
• United States
10 Sep 08
Economy aside, why on earth do u hate cats so much? I can understand not liking dogs as they can be aggressive and they chase people. I'm allergic to cats and they give me terrible asthma and i have to stay away from them or resist the urge to pet them. Even though they cause me physical discomfort I still adore them and have always wished I could own a pet cat without having asthma. They are so cute n cuddly. I have never understood people when they say things like, "yep, I hate cats, uh huh, yep, just can't stand them." I mean, why? How can anyone hate a cat. They are benevolent creatures. The Egyptians worshiped cats. They thought cats were like...holy.