Friends:Do you ever make excuses when it comes to hanging out?

United States
August 3, 2008 12:14pm CST
I have recently been thinking and I decided to make a discussion and ask all of you mylotters out there Do you have a friend or friends that you do not like to hang out with?Why do you not like hanging out with them?Do you make excuses just so you do not have to hang out with them?Or do you honestly say you do not want to hang out with them and risk them getting mad?Have you ever had a friend make excuses when it comes to hanging out with you?Or are your friends usually honest when they do not want to hang out?The main reason I am doing this discussion is because the other day as well as on several different occasions one of my friends called and wanted me and my fiance to come hang out with him,his wife,and his two kids at Wal Mart I did not really want to go and neither did my fiance,and since we parked the Blazer I used to drive,and now we drive my dads truck whenever it is there,I told him my dad had to go somewhere and that we could not get the truck which was a lie which I hate doing that to him,I do like hanging out with him,and I do not want to hurt his feelings,the reason I hate hanging out with him is because of his wife,she is often loud,and she never keeps her mouth shut and she is always trying to start trouble with everyone which is a real annoyance if you ask me,and then there is the fact that she does not always take care of her kids,and I do not see why the state has not taken her kids away,my friend is not the best father,but at least he tries and he is the only one making money,because his wife refuses to get a job,and half the time she will make other people take care of their children because she does not feel like it,and she will often beat on my friend just to get what she wants,this has often caused authoritive action,I do not see why my friend married her,and he has on countless times said he was going to file for a divorce,and I wish he would,so tell me does this sound like someone you would want to be around?I will appreciate all responses I get to this discussion,and I will also appreciate everyone who approaches this discussion with seriousness,as with all my other discussions,and gives me honest truthful answers, and I promise I will comment on all responses I get,but the quality of my comments will depend on the quality of the responses,have a great day.