Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

@NotaBene (111)
August 3, 2008 4:08pm CST
I am a HUGE fan of cookies, and of chocolate in general. I especially love the soft-baked cookies but they're so difficult to come across in the shops here in the UK. I've tried looking for recipes but it would take me forever to try them all; Do you have a favorite cookie recipe for me to try? n_n
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@shamzy18 (2319)
3 Aug 08
i [/b] LOVE COOKIES [b] HOW CAN YOU NOT FIND THEM ? look in erm like shopping supermarkets .. i get mines from asda or go to starbucks i love their cookies ... cant think of anywhere else i dont have any recipes though
@NotaBene (111)
4 Aug 08
I can find them but a lot of the freshly baked ones are a little too expensive for me; 1.55 quid for 4? I don't think so! LOL Therefore, I figured that it would be cheaper and more rewarding to make some myself. Admittedly there aren't any Asda's around here, so I'll have to take a look there the next time I'm near one. Thank you. n_n