i have measles...what can i do?

August 3, 2008 4:50pm CST
i haven't been posting discussions or replies here in mylot since i have measles. i have rashes all over my body and it's kinda itchy. it's hard to sleep. plus i can't seem to eat anything. i want to eat egg or fish, but is it okay to eat them. i am a bit scared bec those foods might trigger more rashes or itchiness in my body. by the way, i don't have antihistamine. i hardly drink meds.
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• United States
3 Aug 08
Have you gone to the doctor? If you're sure you have measles (have you been vaccinated?), you really need to get to the doctor, because measles can sometimes be very dangerous and even cause long term problems. It's very, very, very contagious so you should stay away from people -- even by air.
• Japan
31 Jan 09
i haven't gone to the doctor, as always. i did fine just eating fruits and veggies and enough rest. i still didn't know if had measles though but i did fine. thanks.
• Philippines
18 Mar 10
I have measles too!!! And the isolation is killing me! Yes it is kinda itchy fulghum. Did you experience headache , painful joints and lose of appetite too? Oh my head and joints are really painful! I hate it cannot sleep straight too... I can't go near my son too! I miss him so much!