first date?

August 3, 2008 5:17pm CST
is it your first date? or have you remembered our first date?My first date was when I was in grade 8, a guy is courting me and confess to me. But I told him, I cant answer him right now unless we go on 3-date-rule.. its a kind of date that will make a girl fall in love with you,. and so he asked me to go for teh first date.. he asked me to watch a movie, I declined. you know why? because movies are way too fast for a first date. usually people who goes on date in the movies, kiss. right? haha.. and soo he asked me again, would you like to go in the aquarium, and so i accepted, the meetign time is 9, but obviously i was late by 30 minute on purpose. guys have to wait=) . and so we were saying hi and stuff, we entered and watche dthe fishes and sharks,he was trying so hard to make me happy haha. and so i held his hands and smiled=). i hugged him before going home. the second date(1 week later), we went on a pic-nic together, we held hands, we were laughing and talking about our embarrassinng moments, he lied on my lap and the cherry blossoms are falling an dthe wind blowing. it makes a romantic moment for us, just staring at each other.. and so teh final date came. we watched a horror movie called saw 1, he was expecting me to be scared but the total opposite, I was laughign my a*s off watching people dying. it was so weird, but i just want to show him my other side. if he wont accept my weirdness then i guess he's just not the one.
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