There are lots of discussions on mylot about

@ersmommy1 (12600)
United States
August 3, 2008 8:32pm CST
sites that make money. In particular PTC sites. Well today I came across a discussion about a site called It sounded too good. And it was. In my research I came across a useful site for looking up scams. It is in alphabetical order. You'd be surprised what PTC sites they recommend not using. How many of these are you a MEMBER of? Of the ones on the list I am a member of onluy one of these. Dailyclicks. Take a look and tell me what you think.
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@eveeee (659)
4 Aug 08
Hi there. Thanks for the list, and it is really useful. Luckily I am not a member of any of them, but it gives me an idea of what to look out for. I shall put the link onto my blog as it reviews sites, and I have just started it. This is a great link for people to check their sites against. Thanks again Eve :)
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• Canada
4 Aug 08
that's a great link..thanks kindly for posting it.
@shamzy18 (2319)
4 Aug 08
thank god i not one of these sites :D
@sharie16 (2213)
• Philippines
4 Aug 08
Thanks for the link you gave. It is very helpful for us who have links on those site. By the way. I'm lucky that I am only registered to 1 site that was a scam. So I have to continue surfing on my other sites. Thanks again!
@skbh12 (2950)
• Philippines
4 Aug 08
so far i have not been active with other sites i joined to. i am more active with post to riches and mylot only because i can see that they really pay and that it is fun answering discussions created by other people. simple great to express the thoughts and feelings i have been wanting to write things that i want to say..
@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
4 Aug 08
Hey thanks I actually saved this to favorites. It also let us know what sites that paid. I liked that.. I am relieved to say that I am not a member of any unpaid scam sites. I usually don't like to join sites unless I have seen actual proof that it does pay first. I am mostly a referral of my cousins who check out the sites first then refers me when things are a go..Well..Aleast there is a site that is up that way alot of people aren't wasting there time trying to make a honest buck especially since alot of us rely on it.