what is the stages awakening up from a coma

November 4, 2006 1:14pm CST
Bill Toodbella got into car accident last thrusday on october 26/06 in spain.Bill Toodbella in serious condition with Brain injuries and lost his arm .Bill Toodbella is still in coma. when he will awake up from the coma. l hope he be a normal man, nothing wroug with him .l would everyone would prayer for Bill Tooodbella awakes up from coma .please tell me the stages coming out the coma, he move his finger that a good sign. you know what he will move anything else. will he have a normal life too.He would like to him life rest his life on earth. to get marry and have kids too.he really don't want to have serious brain injuries to make normal living. He can have a family with and get marry too . His girlfreind wanted him here with her, Will he marry his Girlfriend and have a family with too.What is girl name too?
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