Communication with my dead relatives and people I know who are already dead.

August 4, 2008 4:18am CST
Since I was a kid, every time a relative or someone I know will pass away, he/she will appear to my dream first before it will happen. As if I am a person that they want to say goodbye to or I am someone they want to be informed of their situation. I had one uncle to visited me in my dream then i saw beside him my cousin and another uncle who already passed away, the standing position and placement they made were vivid on my dream. until my uncle died after few days. Then when i attended the funeral, i was so surprised that the placement of the 3 on the cemetery was just same with my dream. That was my first time to see their grave. It was weird on my part. This incident happened to me so many times already. Do you have same experience with me? Can you share it?
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