@payout (3722)
United States
August 4, 2008 6:35am CST
Hello, Mylotter Users lol.. I just want to inform everyone that I have created a web-site that is very new.. It's not a paying website but a site where others can post there Ads and etc.. I just want to make my site known. lol. really so I'm asking people to post a Ad on my site for 25-50 cents for one week. I know you maybe thing what am I going to get out of it If the site is sort of new.. well the site is connected to my well linked ot my Myspace site which has over 2500 friends on there lol.. Another thing is that when you post your Banner / Ad on my site you have to post my Banner on your site or Mylot etc.. If you help me Adverts my site and pay 25-50cents to post you AD/ BAnner on my site you nor getting scammed or whatever. While your helping me get People to check out and use my Site. It will increase you chances on getting more referrals for your site.. ? So yeah.. what you say.. ? HAHAHA
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