why is it that unbeliever get more help than believers

August 4, 2008 9:14am CST
why is it that believer get no help
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• India
19 Sep 08
believer getting no help? from whom? other believers? non believers getting more help from whom? believers or non believers? number of non believers is just a fraction of believers. this is a fact. even non believing is also a kind of belief. except that it is a question of accepting or rejecting what the other camp says or holds to be true. your question itself is bit confusing as you did not elaborate sufficiently as to what you mean by it. if you can do that and come out with another question, i think we all can respond to that and discuss it here meaningfully sharing each of our views. happy mylotting.
@bxsage1 (32)
• United States
18 Sep 08
My friend, Could you be a little more descriptive? I want to answer your question but I dont understand what you are talking about.
@efc872 (1078)
• Jamaica
5 Aug 08
How do you recognize an unbeliever, are they marked or because they are successful?. Whether the successful person believes or not, it appears that it is this minority that can truly say that God really helped them. On the other hand, maybe they prayed less (if at all) and worked hard to achieve their goals. Something you should emulate and stop begging God. Maybe he is tired of the praying for help, try helping yourself.
5 Aug 08
God wants for the unbelievers to realize that they are being cared for. He lets the unbelievers think and figure out where their blessing came from. In that way his calling takes place. We believer are "sometimes" given less because he wants us to ask for (pray), because it strenghtens the bond between us and our God. For in trials we have to be thankful God misses us in those times and he wants us to entrust our life with him. So what if we are given less? We are sure that we are loved.
@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
4 Aug 08
That is the question of the year 2008 victor! The evil men are so successful they are corrupt and they are so powerful people-nice people are just hopeless in life and think God is probably not being fair here!
• Philippines
4 Aug 08
Can you elaborate please? Perhaps you're talking about religion? If you are then how can you say that its the believer who gets no help? The believe gets all the help he or she needs from God and that is all they'll ever need. Perhaps you are feeling hopeless due to some circumstance, well you shouldn't.Perhaps its all a test to see how long you can last with your faith. Never give up because the help you need will come in the most unexpected time. The believers creed as I believe it to be is all you need to do is love lots, forgive like there is no tomorrow and never expect anything in return.
@thuynhu (663)
• United States
4 Aug 08
I don't want to make this seem wrong or anything this is just what I think is happening. Believers are believers, obviously, but it maybe because believers focus on believing that whatever they need help on or need period will come and they get discourage when it doesn't come. And so then they may stop believing for a slight second so then it changes into a longer range for things to come about for them. But unbelievers if that's what we should call them, they don't focus on it, they go about their everyday life and waiting without really worrying about it. I guess if you worry too much you cause stress on yourself and thus cause negative thinking to back fire your dreams to come to you when you need it most. This is just how I see it.