Referrals, Referrals, Referrals!!!

@DJfrOKI (251)
United States
August 4, 2008 9:20am CST
As I'm sure most of you know, you need referrals for most of the programs on the internet in order to make more and quicker cash. I'm amazed on how many people have a great program and don't put the time in to get referrals. I have a free program that takes less than 20 minutes a month to do and I have a lot of referrals for it because I work for them. It's not as easy as posting a discussion asking for referrals and 100 referrals will come. That doesn't happen. Also, I help my referrals in the free program with ideas on how to get their own referrals. I just don't forget them after they join. Their success is my success. The ones that take my advice will be making free cash every single month! Now doesn't that sound great? If interested, go to the last banner on my profile and join for free so you can get those monthly payments of free cash. But back to my discussion, how do you get your referrals and do you work hard to get them?
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@boxieblue (336)
• India
4 Aug 08
i have worked hard to get referrals. unfortunately i haven't got any yet.....well, actually i have just 3. thats mainly due to my inexperience. i just dont know how to get more referrals. i help the ones who join under me too......... the good thing is, since i am now second in command at a great site, i dont need too many referrals to earn money. yet, i would be glad if you gave me a few tips