I dreamed of monkeys!

August 4, 2008 7:28pm CST
I was in a ship and it was sinking. We were going every which way, nothing panicky at all, just going up and down and here and there. In one part there were cute and cuddly monkeys with an adult with them, helping us find a way out. I have this old booklet about the interpretation of dream images. It says the sea refers to "the most elemental area of the unconscious", the ship "symbolizes the unconscious process of life's journey", and the monkey "symbolizes to a certain extent man's animal properties. It is an extrememly positive sign when [it] has a human face."Hmmm. Well, I'm in a transition phase of my life, those monkeys are part of my inner resources, I've always loved the sea, challenges make this life exciting.
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• China
7 Aug 08
wow,congratulations.it's a good dream.but i seldom have dream.even i dream something when i get up i can remember nothing.
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• Philippines
8 Aug 08
Hi! :) Oh we all dream a lot, and I'm sure you do too. It's just that most of them are seldom remembered as soon as we wake up.
• United States
5 Aug 08
i've never had a dream like that before nor heard of someone having it. it is quite interesting. i like monkeys. we have a friend who used to have one for her kids. i knew of a lady who had monkeys get on top of her roof at a certain time everyday and make a lot of noise. it's nice that them monkeys were cute and cuddly and helped you find your way out. not everyone can say that monkeys helped them.
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• Philippines
6 Aug 08
Hi! Nice to meet you! Yeah, my dream sure was unique. It was so vivid I felt the need to write it down and look it up. I also find monkeys fascinating. I never had one for a pet but that's okay by me. I prefer to see them in the wild. Have a nice day!