Letting your child take risks

tree climbing - Painting of two children hanging out in a tree.
@Uroborus (910)
August 4, 2008 10:38pm CST
There is a balancing act that every parent has to do when it comes to risky behaviour in their child. Taking risks can develop skills and confidence, while prohibiting any risk instill fear and low self-confidence. I read an article about some parents who prevent their children from climbing trees, using trampolines, and other such activities. One parent even went so far as to tell their child not to play tag or hide and seek. I have no problem with a bit of tree climbing and using a trampoline. Rather than barring such activities I take the approach that, if they are going to do these things, then teach them the proper way to do it, and supervise them. It seems to me that parents are developing far too many phobias when it comes to risky behaviour. I remember it being different when I was a child.
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• United States
5 Aug 08
I feel similar to you. Kids need to explore and experience things. Yes, it is the parent's responsibility to protect the kid from danger, but if we protect them from everything, they will not know how to deal with anything in their future. A quote from Finding Nemo...Marvin is talking to Dori after they see Nemo upside down in a bag. He is saying he feels bad like he broke a promise, he says I told him I wouldn't let anything happen to him. Dori responds with...that's silly, if you keep anything from happening to him, then nothing will happen. Think about, actually quie profound, and words all parents should ponder.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
5 Aug 08
I must be so hard for parents to know when to pull the ropes in, there is a sick world out there, after watching Criminal Investigations on TV I can't believe what beople do to other people including children. Children do have to learn from life so parents to have to be aware and ready so i think it is a very very hard job for parents to know when is enough...