Please god , help me.

August 5, 2008 5:44am CST
Everything is going against me. Today , someone abused me and i couldn't do anything. He was stronger and taller than me. I am very furious. Even i would have fight , no one would have helped me. What should i do. Should i kill him?
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@mands61123 (2098)
31 Aug 08
No you need to report this person so that they don't do it to anyone else. You are the victim here so don't think it was your fault or you are to blame talk to someone about it get it all off your chest i'm sorry this happened to you please make sure you stay away from this person and get help if you can take care.
@urdley (17)
• United States
24 Aug 08
i dont think violence is the answer. If you must defend yourself then do it. Remember violence will lead to more violence and so on and so on.