Liverpool boss Benitez expects Gerrard to remain flexible

August 5, 2008 5:53am CST
Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has admitted that captain Steven Gerrard will still be expected to play in a variety of positions during the coming campaign. According to the Mirror, Benitez said: "I think Steven is clever enough to do that. If he needs to adapt then he will adapt because he is a player of quality who can play in different positions. "If we play a 4-4-2 formation then Gerrard can play as a midfielder. If we play with Torres on his own up front then Gerrard and Keane can play either side of him. "I don't think that Steven will be frustrated by that." Benitez believes Gerrard now understands the importance of flexibility for players. "I was reading an interview recently about Gerrard's role in the England team and he is now very clear about his role in the football world - that you need to adapt, think about the team, and play in different positions when it is required."
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