Should I get a smaller, lighter laptop?

United States
August 5, 2008 9:33am CST
I use my laptop to take notes for classes. However, the one i have now is very bulky and heavy, and it hurts my back to carry in in my backpack for classes. Is it worth the extra $1,000 or so to get an new laptop?
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• United States
5 Aug 08
i have heard that if you rent one from a renta center it is better, you can take it back anytime(as long as it is not in pieces)and upgrade,they will service it, and it is covered by insurance since you are renting it. i know some people also think in the long run you pay more , but the way technology is changing so fast, this is a easy way to keep a up to date sleek laptop, in your back back, and they usually don't do a credit check or anything, really eassy to get and you would pay monthly, just as you would your credit card bill if you are not paying flat out. hope this helps, and hope you do well in your studies...been there done that.
• Philippines
5 Aug 08
Greetings. If you plan on using your laptop for just notes taking and perhaps playing some tunes or watching a good video and plan to exclude the option of playing new generatio0n games, then there are lots of small, light and powerful enough laptops out there that costs less than $1000. Then again if you want a light laptop that is powerful enough to handle gaming you could barely find one that costs as less as $1000. But if you want further mobility and $1000 is still your budget then I suggest you go and get yourself a PDA. Perfect for note taking and powerful enough to be marked essential (specially if you use it as a phone too). In what ever choice you make you just have to consider the pros and cons and decide if you really need the change first because $1000 is still not a small amount to let go of.