Why French do not talk in English

August 5, 2008 10:03am CST
Though the French language is itself a twisted English but if u get a chance to France u will find that they(french) do not speack english. If if you ask them some thing in english they simply dodle their shoulders in negative. It does not mean that they do not know english, they know it very well but could not understand why they do not speak English. Think if you are in Paris and do not know even little world world like brounzu,massy and kaki etc. you will be bit trouble because if you go to a departmental store for shopping it will not be easy. I have been to Paris a few years ago to meet my brother in law. He told me that you have learn the usual world like bounzu or massy. I use to first say to any body bounzu and he will say massy than I use aksi the name of the place ask with direction this way or that way and they will give indication and laugh away. This was a great experience for me. Do u have any experience about language problem in any country.
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