We must take care of it

August 5, 2008 11:40am CST
The Earth is more precious for us than you could ever imagine. We must protect it, love it in order to survive and be happy on its surface. We must teach oruselves to avoid all wars and deadly, or bloody, misunderstandings because each war is a danger in itself to our precious environment. Our celestial Ancestors made a mistake, a grave mistake in their time. We should avoid such mistakes in the future. It's our sacred duty, as superior human beings, much more beyond animals.
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• United Kingdom
30 Aug 08
Hi, as you say, it's very important to take care of the Earth. I guess not many people are listening though when it comes to the government! Yes, we can all do our little bit I suppose but is it going to make any real difference if we don't have the numbers on our side? It's just like we are very tiny specks of dust in a huge wilderness, and in order for any positive change to come about, the whole dessert needs to take part! Correct me if I'm wrong but our beautiful planet isn't going to be around forever. One day the Earth is going to burn out and the sun will eventually destroy this lovely planet! So, I guess that's why the genius' in our world, our scientists at Nasa, they are all taking part in sending missions to mars. They even think that it will be possible to inhabit Mars one day and I'm kind of thinking to myself that, one of the main reasons is that our planet Earth will soon die and the human race needs to be ready for that! What is the answer? Let's go to Mars! And then the whole process will begin all over again! Humans will start to destroy Mars and the future scientists of that generation will likely be looking for another planet to seek out and destroy, the cycle goes on!! Andrew