People are getting adicted to smoking and smacking in Australia

August 5, 2008 11:46am CST
I have the reason to believe but do not mean to injur the feelings of the australians. One of my known person returned from Australia he holding a responsible position in Australia has told me that young buys and girls who whave gone to Australia for higher studies in the luck of easy money they get involved in loclate natorious and once they are indulged in smoking and smacking or other intoxicants, they are seen on the Railway stations/Bus Stands just begging in moderate for a doller to smoke. What a pity on the parents sending their childern for higher study wasting their hard earned money. I think untill the child in mature enough i.e. not before completing the graduation, they should not be sent to other countries for higher study specially in Australia or Neuzeeland etc. I learnd that hoever, Britain,Canada,Amrica and Europe is stricter in this regard but costly and their rules are harsh in the matter. What do u think about.
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