Is "Letting Go" the only answer when all else fail?

August 5, 2008 6:44pm CST
they say that sometimes, letting go is the answer to relational problems. Thate ven if how hard you try to save a relationship, nothing will happen but to let go. I know some couples who became best of friends when they decided to let go of their romantic relationship. What's your insights about this?
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@deedeehall (1144)
• United States
26 Nov 08
it hink that some times leting go is the should probably be very sure this is what you want.some times in leting go for awhile it may make you realize what you really have and want it back again.other times if the relationship is causing you two to be cruel and mean to one another it is best to leave so that you can remain friends instead of enemys.every situation is diffrient.
@eneria (118)
• Philippines
23 Oct 08
Of course not, letting go is not only the answer... If we have problems, it was just a test on how we'll be able to manage it.. It can test how you & your partner loves each other..;)
• Philippines
5 Aug 08
i think it is right to let go of the person when you are hurting so much. as long you don't let him go and try to save the relationship, you will just hurt yourself if she/he doesn't want to go back. another way to save a relationship is to "cool-off". give both sides the time to think clearly and right. not just doing unjust decisions and judgments. i think being friends after a romantic relationship is good. my ex-girlfriend and i are really good friends right now. sometimes she even bothered to ask me about his new boyfriend. i realized that she doesn't really deserve me at all. i think i should find someone because we are not meant for each other.