do you beleive in chain emails?

August 6, 2008 4:57am CST
many of us get this kind of chain emails which are been forwarded and you believe and forward the email you get...the ones like say...if you pass this mail to 10 people you will get a good news today...and if you do not do it...something bad might happen to you...for me i just trash it...i don't beleive in such mails....what about you?
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10 Oct 08
I certainly dont believe in chain mails. Even if I think its a good one, I still dont like forwarding it because somebody can see the email address where it came from.
@brisk123 (2826)
• India
6 Aug 08
well hi!I don't believe in chain mails but if I find that the msg is good and worth forwarding it to friends then I do so.It is not because I will gain something out of it or lose.
@sharie16 (2213)
• Philippines
6 Aug 08
I dont really believe in chain emails or letters. If I found that the message was good enough, I pass it to my friends/family, and i delete the post stating its consequences. It's the message that I actually sending to the people I love and not the consequences that I believe on it. But if the it was a default to that chain email, I do still pass it as long as the message was touchy or simply comes to the heart, its not about thinking might happen if I did/didn't follow it.