Have you lost someone and found much better Love?

August 6, 2008 6:02am CST
I was 19 when i thought i fell inlove with the right person.I dreamt of having a family at an early age..I thought that dream was real but that relationship goes wonder,the feelings of your partner gradually deminishing.I was hurt so bad..and waited for more than 3months figthing for it.But you cannot save what is falling if that someone doesnt want you anymore.Atleast i fought and will never regret,but i have learned to stop when it was time to let go.. have you experienced the same thing?
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@lixiaos77 (1030)
• Shijiazhuang, China
6 Aug 08
When i was young, i did love some girls. But when i get older, i found there is impulse in the so called love. Now i still can't tell what is love, but i can feel by my heart. I met ture love when i don't know what love is. But now i know i can't meet true love again beacause i know more about love.