Are there any books which had big influence on you?

August 6, 2008 6:13am CST
Some people read a lot of books while others read few. But we may influenced by a good book. Which book do you like best? Are there any books which has big influence on your life?
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• United States
20 Aug 08
i think in the long run they all make a some influence im my life. but the book the secret made a big influence its all bout using ur mind and gettin wat u want . im a book worm thats for sure. but wen i start a book i usually cant but it done unless i have to this one was like glued to my hand i didnt put it down everything i did was doing while ready or between chapters .
• Philippines
6 Aug 08
for me, i read books mainly to pass time. but some books, such as the little prince, and some self-help books really help (maybe thats why the're called self help..hehe). i usually go for fictional books and novels, but i really love that book by nicholas sparks, a walk to remember. reading the book for me is better than watching the movie based from it
6 Aug 08
hey good stuff in here.. i like this book and m sure you will really like it too. "Does all religion leads to one God?