will you support the law of using mobiles while driving?

August 6, 2008 6:58am CST
many still don't obey it...i do because i think it distracts drivers from paying attention to their surroundings which causes accident..and i hope this law can prevent some accidents to happen...what do you all think about it?
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@subha12 (18453)
• India
7 Aug 08
I think the law should be there that there should not be any use of mobile phones while driving.it can cause accidents. so i will support the law which tells calling on cell phone not allowed when driving
@ruby222 (4848)
6 Aug 08
Well if you have you eyes on a mobile/cell phone then you havent got your eyes on the road,thats a certain fact.Years ago there was a young man who I knew was killed in a car crash,at the time it tranpired he has bent down to adjust his radio,and in that split second he had lost control of the car.
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
6 Aug 08
I would. I have come across so many people /riding carelessly while talking on the mobile that I still keep wondering why the law is not enforced enough even when it exists. I get distracted myself if my mobile rings when I'm driving and most times do not even take the call.
@ngaspero (851)
• Italy
6 Aug 08
It distract driver a lot, a study said that at least 20-30% af all car crash where caused by tel. on cell, it distract and you have to drive only with one hand..in Italy we have the low since year 2000 but a lot of people doesn't respect it, and it's very difficult to control especially on the highway.. Nun