Vdafone vs Airtel ?

August 6, 2008 11:25am CST
I bought a new cell phone . I am wondering which service provider to use whether Vodafone or Airtel .Both are big companies and have good coverage. So which do you think is the best ?
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• India
5 Nov 08
I suggest you to go with Airtel. Vodafone has problems with congestion every now and then. Airtel has more coverage than vodafone even though most companies have an understanding to share their resources like towers and other infrastructres. now it is upto you to choose what you want. what do you think?
@mayhbp (10)
• India
6 Aug 08
YEAH i can relate to that.Faced the same problem a few months ago. I chose airtel cause all my frineds said from therir experience that they get a better service. the only plus of AirTel is the friends plan. if u have a close group of friends who u talk to often then The plan is for u.