Should PayPal have charged me for converting earnings from dollars to sterling?

@liquorice (3901)
August 6, 2008 6:01pm CST
This doesn't happen here on myLot, I get paid in dollars like everybody, and then it gets converted for free in my PayPal account. And that's how I expected it to work when I got paid by Reviewstream as well. However, when I accepted payment (as you have to do with Reviewstream), they said that if I wanted it converted into £ sterling, (so it could be held in my sterling account), then they would need to take off a charge of $2.25. Alternatively I could choose to leave it in dollars and open a separate dollar account. Well, thinking that it would be too confusing to hold two PayPal accounts I chose to pay the charge. But I don't see why we have to do this for transactions with some sites and not others. Does anyone else on Reviewstream get charged like this? (Or is it just me??) Do you leave your earnings as dollars so you don't have to pay the charge, and does it work out cheaper to do this - or do you end up paying the same or more when you finally convert it in your bank account? Or do you pay the charge each time? Does it annoy you?
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