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United States
August 6, 2008 11:15pm CST
Does anyone here know anywhere, where you can sign up to be a game tester? Like the game company sends you the game to your house to test? Or you go to the company to test? I don't care about the sign up fee's, but I need to know, because it's something I could earn money and actually enjoy the job, please, help. Thank you to all who respond to this in advance. But just a short notice, it doesn't have to be any large gaming companies (but that would be greatly appreciated), you know like The Big N, again, thanks in advance. ^_^
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7 Aug 08
I am sure what you mean is a beta tester right? to a beta tester you have to work for a game company, you can then get chosen to beta test a game before its released. Also if you have shares or stocks in a company you can then test out products obviously if you had shares in a game company then you could test games. This is one link which i found a while back, i never got around to signing up but it seems pretty good hope this helps
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• Philippines
7 Aug 08
Nice to see that you are really interested on the SITES that post on PLAY and BE PAID, actually, more than half of the percentage of those sites are SCAM. Make sure you choose wisely. They'll just get your money and soon you'll realized you're not getting what you expected from them. THE TRUTH: They don't need to get money from people just to test a product. You should be paid and not them who'll get money from you. Remember, you will be working for them, and besides, they won't be sending you the FULL VERSION of the products they are testing. Have fun searching but be on guard always.
• United States
8 Aug 08
I like the sound of paid video games. If you find anything legitimate please make sure to tell me about it. Especially if it is over the internet. Thank you for reading and good luck.