Do you have the habit of digging ears with cotton tip applicator?

August 7, 2008 1:36am CST
Ok, I was on my way recovering from my ear fungal infection lately and still on medication and otic ear drop treatment to cure the infected ear drum. It was a really painful experience that I couldn't sleep at night on those days when the infection started to spread inside my ear canal to the drum. I was hospitalized 3 days for the treatment and feeling better now. My doctor said the infection was mainly due to the habit of ear digging, as literally ear wax will resolve itself from time to time. So my questions to you are: (1) Do you normally have the habit of clearing out ear wax by any applicator like cotton tips or ear digger? (2) Are there any natural remedies to treat ear infection in early stage (before consulting doctor?) Hope to hear your thoughts and ideas.
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@jammyt (2824)
• Philippines
7 Aug 08
I used to but I did hear it was bad. I lessen it to about once a week as recommended by doctors. The wax, they said, is like a protection from dirt. They seem to be the dirt but actually, they just protect the ear. I don't think there is a remedy for an ear infection and it would be scary to self medicate. The ear, is,a sensitive part of the body....
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• Malaysia
7 Aug 08
Yeah, I guess so. I went to consult ear specialist only after I went to GP and GP said the discharge and debris has blocked my canal and he couldn't see my ear drum, so had to refer me to specialist. It was quite painful when I first get the ear suction by the specialist, as my infection was quite serious, he can managed to clear like 15% of it only on that day. So, I was adviced to hospitalized for the proper pain relief and antibiotic treatments because I cannot sleep for few days already. Only after another 2 days of ear toileting, he managed to see my infected drum. My doctor said it will take sometimes for me to 100% recover from the infection because ear are sensitive organ and it need to be treated slowly.
@windymyre (210)
• United States
1 Aug 09
I do use cotton swabs in my ears, but I don't consider what I do "digging". I don't like the feel of water in my ears after I shower, so I clean them out with a cotton swab to remove the excess water. I did have an ear, nose & throat doctor once years ago when I was a teenager ask me if I did this because he could see cotton in my ears.
@wzgis17 (43)
• China
9 Apr 09
I have tympanitis when I was 10.Till now it has't get well now,so I clear my ear with the cotton tips.I don't know is it right? I hav't seen the doctors for a long time.