Why Do Most Doctors Have Bad Penmanship?

United States
August 7, 2008 9:17am CST
i am a nurse for 7 years and has been used with the penmanship and handwriting of doctors whom i get regular in contact with in the workplace. i never knew that it was really a big deal that i find their penmanship readable and understandable to me. until, yesterday, when a neighbor knocked by my door and asked what was written in her husband's prescription which seemed to be some kind of blurred aside from the fact that it really was hard to understand by lay people. after i read, she whispered, "doctors have the worst penmanship ever! how could you understand that?" i told her, "not all" since i have some friends who are doctors and whose hand writings are clearly understood aside from the fact that i really got used to. but still, undeniably that there are some that are hardly understood. LOL.
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@angelia286 (2029)
• Singapore
8 Aug 08
I had my family doctor saying this once to me before. Lol, and that is doctors scribble illegibly because it is to hide the fact that they had misspelled lots of medical terms. Hehe.. I do not know if he is kidding or is he saying that for real. Of course, I know that lots of medicines and medical terms is long and hard to remember, and there would be lots of misspellings occuring. Hence, doctors might do that to cover the fact that they had not written the correct word (though I don't see how that might matter! As most of us have no medical background to know if that is the correct spelling of the word or not). Another could be that they have lots of patients to see, and if they were to write neatly and legibly for all their patients, waiting time for the next patient might be doubled or even tripled! It is all to save time? Lol, I think the best one is to actually ask the doctors why! Ask and we shall receive. Hehe. It's good that you could understand their illegible scrawl. If not, imagine the amount of trouble you could get into with the wrong medicine or treatment administered by the wrong understanding. Well, take care girl! =D
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• Italy
8 Aug 08
yes..that's something i always asked my self..i thinnk that is because they had lots to study to the university and they had to write really fast all the things their professor was saying..che cagate che sto a dì..hahaahha
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@intimate36 (1416)
• Pakistan
8 Aug 08
Most of them ,have bad writing.But , I know few , who are so good, that even a child can read it easily.
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